Do you have any questions?
Question: Can I add extra things added on to my pit?
Answer: Yes. Pits by JJ will put extra things on to your pit as long as it is possible. Usually, any thing that the customer requests is able to be added on any grill or smoker. Just let us know what you want on yours.
Question: Why should I buy from Pits by JJ?
Answer: We always care about what the customer wants and we are committed to doing everything right the first time and dedicated to building the best barbecue pits and smokers in the world.
Question: How does JJ build their pits?
Answer: First, we always use new material, inch thick pipe. We never use any used materials or propane containers or barrels. We always use quality materials in order to obtain the best barbecues pits that you can imagine. We paint our pits with 1300 degree paint. Each pit is coated 4 times. In addition, all of out grills and smokers come on four 5 inch wheels.
Question: What is a smoker?
Answer: For those of you who would like to buy a smoker but do not know exactly what it does, I will explain. A smoker is a grill with the firebox. The firebox is where you put wood so it can be burnt and the heat will go to the main chamber and will cook what is in the main chamber. However, you may also use your firebox as a grill as well, but cannot use both at the same time.
Question: Do you make different types of trailers other than
Answer: Yes, Pits by JJ can custom build different types of trailers to meet the needs of the individual. On our trailers, we can put on electric brakes, gas burners, upright smoke box, and many other things.
Question: How can you offer quality pits for an affordable p
Answer: We try our best to keep our pits as low as possible so anyone who wants to own a custom made pit can do so. We do not aim toward selling to any one particular group of people. Pits by JJ believes that any one who would like to own a custom made barbecue pit should have one. We take pride in knowing that we are offering quality pits for an affordable price.
Question: Can I design my own pit?
Answer: Yes. If a customer lets us know what he or she wants and how they want it, we are able to do it without a doubt. We welcome ideas from interested customers and believe that that is the point of having a custom made pit built. We want to make sure the customer is pleased with his or her grill/smoker.
Question: How did you learn to build barbecue pits?
Answer: When I was in school, I took a welding class. One time my teacher assigned the class to build something custom made. I decided to build a barbecue pit, something I always wished we could have done in this class. Now, I finally had my chance. I talked to a friend of mine who was in the business of building barbecue pits and he showed me the basic things I needed to know about building them. I was amazed at how creative I could get when building a barbecue pit. This is one of the main reasons I decided to go into the business. Ever since that one opportunity that I had, I have never stopped loving to build barbecue pits.

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